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Welcome to A Walk in the Park with Gil

It’s Gil’s bi-weekly WebTalk, in collaboration with 8 80 Cities (founder and chair) and World Urban Parks (former chair, now ambassador). Every other Tuesday fascinating guests present captivating stories of parks, people, and cities. Then Gil & participants have a dialogue with the guests. It’s a way of giving back from having been very fortunate to have worked in over 350 different cities, in all continents.


On this page you can find the link to view all past sessions as well as to register for the upcoming ones. Please share with others, including parks people but also urban planners, people from public health, economic development, environment…, elected officials, students, advocates, anyone who cares about our parks, cities, and people. Our aim offering it free is to have as wide audience as possible, raising awareness of amazing benefits of urban parks and other green spaces.


Upcoming Webinars:

Always FREE. Please share, invite all you know who care about people and cities.

  • May 31st – Fred Kent. Build Back Better, Together: 11 Transformative Agendas to Restore Social Life in Your Community. Founder: Placemaking Movement, PPS, The Social Life Project, PlacemakingX. Register: https://bit.ly/3iZtVrd

  • June 14th – Greening Schoolyards. ‘The low hanging fruit’. Danielle Denk RA ASLA. Director Community Schoolyards Initiative. Mary Alice Lee. Director, NYC Playgrounds Program. Sadiya Muqueeth, DrPH, MPH. Director of Community Health. Register: https://bit.ly/3u3y2bS

  • June 28th – Brent Toderian. Density vs Nature in Cities? No More False Choices. Register: https://bit.ly/3w73plF

  • July 12th – Rouge Park, Canada Parks first urban park. It’s 23 times the area of NYC’s Central Park, in the heart of Greater Toronto Area. Presents: Omar McDadi, Parks Canada. Register: https://bit.ly/39T8OW1

  • July 26th – Walkable, Green Streets: Advancing Health, Wellness, & Economic Vitality. Presents: Dan Burden Register: https://bit.ly/39Ns6Mr