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This bi-weekly webinar is to contribute creating passionate advocates on doing equitable, sustainable, and fun cities, where everyone lives healthier and happier.

Every other Tuesday I invite fascinating people to share interesting transformative actions. It’s 60 minutes, where in the first half the guest presents, and then we have a dialogue considering the questions and comments from participants. I am very grateful to always have hundreds of participants, from over 25 countries, a few over 40! They are from all backgrounds, some work in public sector, others private, NGOs, others in active retirement; we also have elected officials, academics, media, etc.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in over 350 cities, all continents, and this is a way of giving back, always free, and hopefully always interesting. I’m grateful to the guests, usually friends, who contribute their time and sharing knowledge and experiences. I also thank 8 80 Cities for support in communications.

Please invite others to watch live. Also, share the recordings widely, especially with decision makers, community groups, advocates, students, anyone interested in people and cities. At the end of every session there is a survey, which helps me focus, for future sessions. You can leave comments or e-mail me directly to gp@gpenalosa.ca with suggestions on topics and/or guests.


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Upcoming Webinars:

Always FREE. Please share, invite all you know who care about people and cities.


  • April 2nd: Bicycling for Everyone • Copenhagen & Barcelona. Guest: Marianne Weinreich, Copenhagen. • Sílvia Casorrán, Sustainable Mobility, Barcelona. Register: https://bit.ly/3UHsZLY
  • April 16th: Equality and the City Guest: Enrique Penalosa, former mayor of Bogota. Urban thinker. Book launch by U. Pennsylvania. Register: https://bit.ly/3UymF9E
  • April 30th: Re-Run Cities: Have we run out of ideas for our streets? Guest: Danny Harris, Executive Director, Transportation Alternatives. Register: https://bit.ly/3wermex
  • May 14th: Cities for Life: Ending the Urban Gun Violence Epidemic. Guest: Jason Corburn, Prof. UC Berkeley, Public Health & Regional Planning. Register: https://bit.ly/3SyrOfc
  • May 28thNature & Technology: Allies or Adversaries in Urban Progress?  - Dr. Nadina Galle, Founder of "Internet of Nature", National Geographic Explorer, and Author of "The Nature of Our Cities" Register: here
  • June 11th: The Future and the New Nature Movement Richard Louv – Author of Child in the Woods, Nature Deficit Disorder. Lead founder of Children and Nature Network. Register: here
  • June 25th: Copenhagen: What is so good about it? Adapt & improve. Guest: Gil Penalosa, founder 8 80 Cities and #Cities4Everyone Register: here