Cities for Everyone, THE WEBINAR

It’s Gil’s bi-weekly WebTalk, in collaboration with 8 80 Cities (founder and chair) and his 2023 project Cities for Everyone • MASTER CLASS. Every other Tuesday fascinating guests present captivating stories of cities in 20 – 30 minutes. The aim is to share good practices that will help all create affordable, equitable, and sustainable cities. Then Gil & participants have a dialogue with the guests. It’s a way of giving back from having been very fortunate to have worked in over 350 different cities, in all continents. Always free, always interesting and useful.


On this page you can find the link to view all past sessions as well as to register for the upcoming ones. Please share with others, including people from public, private, or non-profit sectors, urban planners, public health, economic development, parks, environment…, elected officials, media, students, advocates, anyone who cares about cities, and people. Anywhere. Our aim offering it free is to have as wide audience as possible, raising awareness of the urgency to build cities radically different, and showing the it’s not a technical issue, or even financial, it’s political, so everyone must participate


Upcoming Webinars:

Always FREE. Please share, invite all you know who care about people and cities.

  • April 18th: Medellín case study. Architecture, Urbanism and Planning Guest: Jorge Perez. Medellin, from being known as the 'world's drug capital' to become a model for innovative equitable urbanism. Register: https://bit.ly/3IrmoOd

  • May 2nd: Videos: Making 'hard changes' understandable. Guest: Clarence Eckerson, creator of over 1000 StreetFilms! Register: https://bit.ly/3KuXKPl

  • May 16th: SAFE streets. Saving lives and enjoying cities. Guests: Ryan Sharp of Hoboken, NJ; Allison Schwartz and/or Bradley Topol, Seattle, Washington, USA Register: https://bit.ly/41yaUQW

  • May 30th: Creating a National Park for All at the Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA. Guest: Michael Boland, Chief Park Officer, Presidio Trust. Register: https://bit.ly/3GNRXBw

  • June 13: 8 80 Cities – What? Why? How? Doable. Everywhere. Guests: Amanda O’Rourke, executive director, and Gil Penalosa, founder and chair Register: https://bit.ly/3UBJKGt