Ageing / Older Adults

How Parks & Cities Can Ensure Longer, Happier, Healthier Lives

Montgomery Parks, MD, AARP, USA

2021 (50 min presentation, 30-minute questions & comments)

New webinar series: A Walk in the Park with Gil

Mitchell Silver, NYC Parks Commissioner 2014-2021

From Disruptions to an Awakening: Planning for People

2021 (49 minutes)

COVID lockdown: Opportunity of a Lifetime

Transforming walk, bike, streets as public spaces

Gil on BBC News interview. Over 400,000 views on social media.

2020 (3 min.)

Link to BBC video

OUR THIRD ACT: Older. Healthier. Happier.

Video done in partnership with AARP Livable Communities.

2021 (35 min.)

Our Third Act is an advocacy group focused on helping older adults live healthier and happier.


Post-COVID Parks, People, & Cities

Montgomery Parks Virtual Speaker Series.

2021 (52 minutes presentation, 30 minutes questions)

Creating Vibrant Cities & Healthy Cities for All

Markham Speaker Series

Markham, Canada (88 min.)

Creating Vibrant and Healthy Cities for All. Whether for an audience of 5000 or 50, Gil delivers dynamic, entertaining, and inspirational presentations that will forever change the way you think about creating great cities for all.

The 8 80 City: Creating Vibrant & Healthy Cities for All

Auckland Conversations

Auckland, New Zealand (90 min.)

Walking, Cycling, Public Transit. Creating Vibrant and Healthy Cities for All

American Public Transportation Association, APTA Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL, USA (71 min.)

TED Talks

Mobility as Path of Health, Wealth, & Happiness

World TEDCity2.0

Chengdu, China (14 min)

Creating 8 80 Cities: Moving from Talking to Doing

TEDx Carlton

Melbourne, Australia (14 min.)

Ciudades Vibrantes y Comunidades Saludables para Todos

TEDx Ceiba, Universidad de Los Andes

Bogotá, Colombia (22 min.) ESPANOL

Summary of On-Site Visits

Summary of visit to Rotterdam

Engaging citizens, elected officials and city staff through talks, small meetings, workshops and on-site review of public spaces

Rotterdam, Netherlands (7 min.)

Escépticos de la bici con Guillermo Peñalosa rodando en Rosario, Argentina

Recorrido / taller en Rosario dentro del Festival Ciudades Felices

Rosario, Argentina (5 min.)

Open Streets / Ciclovias

Bogota’s Ciclovía:
"World’s Largest Pop-up Park"

121 kilometers / 75 miles, 1.7 million participants walk, run, skate, bike; 52 Sundays and 13 holidays

Bogota, Colombia (9 min.)

Spanish / English

Open Streets for Health, Planning Tips and Advice

Every city has the ingredients for success: people and streets. To leverage these assets for planning healthy cities, here are the essential tips from implemented Open Streets programs:

Gil Penalosa led the ‘Ciclovia’ in Bogota, Colombia and advises on new initiatives globally. Lucy Barriga, head of Parks and Recreation runs the ‘Via Recreativa’ for the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara, Mexico. Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC DOT Commissioner (2007-2013), led ‘Summer Streets' in New York City.

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