Urban Health: 8 80 Cities for Everyone Recorded Nov. 2023.
26 min. (Image improves at 2:20)

Keynote for International Conference on Urban Health
The International Society for Urban Health
Atlanta, USA

Cities for everyone (2023 - 56 min.)

Keynote for Puget Sound Regional Council
Mayors & senior staff municipalities ‘Greater Seattle’ USA

Ciudades Verdaderamente Inteligentes (2023 - 44 min.)

Keynote SMART CITIES Expo.
Líderes Ciudades Inteligentes en América Latina.
Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Gil Penalosa ‘Bio’ (2023 – 2 min.)

Trailer of bi-weekly webinar Cities for Everyone

(Virtual) Living Older, Healthier, Happier (2023 - 20 min.)

Message to Board of Directors / AGM, opening event. Southminster, Charlotte, NC, USA.

TED Talks

Mobility as Path of Health, Wealth, & Happiness

World TEDCity2.0

Chengdu, China (14 min)

Creating 8 80 Cities: Moving from Talking to Doing

TEDx Carlton

Melbourne, Australia (14 min.)

Ciudades Vibrantes y Comunidades Saludables para Todos

TEDx Ceiba, Universidad de Los Andes

Bogotá, Colombia (22 min.) ESPANOL

Open Streets / Ciclovias

Bogota’s Ciclovía:
"World’s Largest Pop-up Park"

121 kilometers / 75 miles, 1.7 million participants walk, run, skate, bike; 52 Sundays and 13 holidays

Bogota, Colombia (9 min.)

Spanish / English

Open Streets for Health, Planning Tips and Advice

Every city has the ingredients for success: people and streets. To leverage these assets for planning healthy cities, here are the essential tips from implemented Open Streets programs:

Gil Penalosa led the ‘Ciclovia’ in Bogota, Colombia and advises on new initiatives globally. Lucy Barriga, head of Parks and Recreation runs the ‘Via Recreativa’ for the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara, Mexico. Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC DOT Commissioner (2007-2013), led ‘Summer Streets' in New York City.

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