Giving back in the Greater Toronto Area, where 24 years ago I chose as home.

Having had the privilege to work in over 350 cities, in all continents, I want to share experiences, of actions to do and/or avoid in creating cities for everyone.

The GTHA is a fascinating place, with one of the fastest growing populations of any urban area in the ‘developed countries.’ Within the next 25 years, it’ll grow by over 50%; huge opportunity, and enormous responsibility, as whatever we do or don’t will create the place where many millions will live over many centuries.

Unfortunately, over the past 25 years, much of the GTHA’s urbanization has not been adequately done. It’s bad for climate change, as well as for mental & physical health, sustainable mobility, happiness, and more. We need to do things radically different. Unfortunately, the province and most municipalities are doing more of the same. Many are doing the right talk, but not following with the right actions.

This is why I am offering these Conversations with Gil, to raise awareness and help people move from hopeless to hopeful, becoming passionate advocates of Equitable & Sustainable Communities.

    Title: Toronto for Everyone

    Who: it’s offered to any group of people who care about living healthier and happier, in communities that are more equitable, sustainable, and fun. It can be from multiple departments in cities, universities, schools, community groups, corporations, faith groups, advocates, etc.

    When: dates to be agreed between host and Gil.

    Format: keynote followed by dialogue.

    Length: 90 – 120 minutes.

    Cost to organizer for honorariums: $0

    Obligations of host:

      - Invite participants, 50 – 500+. Free entrance.
      - Have adequate venue, with good projector, screen, sound, etc.
      - Take care of all logistics

    If interested, contact Gil at: and provide basic information.

    Note: similar program can be done outside the GTHA, for a fee.